How do I use (call) a variable in Python?

1) You must have invoked any variables you wish to use.

2) There are many different ways to "call" or use a variable. First look at the variable called story, it contains a story.

3) The variable is invoked, we now can do so many things with it. Lets print the story onto our screen.

4) To use or "call" the variable we must simple give the variable something to do. In this case if we write print() here we can make the variable print out.

5) We do NOT need to write the story over, that is inside the variable. So all we need to do is put the variable name in the print statement as pictured.

6) When we hit run, you can see on the right hand side that the story has printed out!

7) If I add another variable and also call it, It will add more!

8) Lets look at another example. I have 2 variables, number 1 and number 2.

9) If we simple use another print statement and then add the variable NAMES in the parenthesis, look at what happens.

10) We can add variables by name instead of numbers!

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