How do I make a link in HTML [a href]?

1) First lets take a look at what links are. They allow us to link pages on our website to other parts of our website, videos, files and even other websites. On the right is my link on my website, on the left is the HTML element.

2) The element for making a link has a few parts. 1. You must put your link inside another piece of text, in this case its a p tag, it could easily be in an h tag if we wanted.

3) Next we need to write "a href" this tells our website this is going to be a link. In addition you need to write ="".

4) In the quotes you would put the link to the other website, video or files.

5) You then put a closing greater than sign to close the first part of the tag. In between the closing tag you will write what text will be displayed, this text will be clickable!

6) Finally the 5th arrow is just your standard closing tags, dont forget them!

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