How do I make Holes in TinkerCAD?

1) You must have a solid object dragged out. The 2 default holes are located where the arrow is pointed. You drag either one of those out, OR you can drag out any shape that you want.

2) Left click and drag out a solid shape or one of the default holes.

3) If using a solid shape: Left click on it and click the hole button located as pictured below. The object is now a hole, it will look transparent if done correctly.

4) Adjust the workplane so that the black cone will allow you to sink the hole into your object.

5) Use the black cone and drag the object as far as you want it into the shape.

6) Notice that we have 2 shapes in my object, this will make 2 holes. The top hole is going all the way through the object, therefore it will cut all the way through. The bottom hole is only partially intersected, the hole will not go all the way through.

7) Highlight ALL objects you want to cut through and all the holes. Use the box or shift click method.

8) Left click the group button in the upper right hand corner.

9) Notice the top hole is all the way through, the bottom hole is not. This is dependent on how far the hole is sunk into the object.

10) If you want to adjust the holes or get rid of holes simply click on your shape and hit the ungroup button and adjust accordingly.

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