How do I group / ungroup objects in TinkerCAD?

1) Grouping is a way of locking 2 objects together. This has many uses, if you want to drag 2 objects together all the time, also to make a hole in TinkerCAD this is neccessary.

2) Notice when clicking the roof it is clearly a separate object. Grouping can make both of these 1 object.

3) To group these objects highlight both of them using the box select or the shift-click method.

4) When the objects are highlighted left click the group button located here.

5) The objects are "grouped" aka locked together. The color by default will be one color. There is an easy fix. Click on the color panel.

6) Click on "Multicolor".

7) Now we have a grouped multicolor object. However this object can be ungrouped if we wish.

8) To ungroup you need to click on the group, the ungroup button will show up here, left click it. Your objects will then be ungrouped and editable.

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